user experience

Usability mistakes that E-commerce websites make that reduce their conversion rate

Poor user experience is a no-no for any web pages, especially e-commerce sites that can cash in hundred of thousands of dollars per day. The different between a great e-commerce site and a mediocre one is not limited in their product quality, marketing effort, customer service but also in web experience. Any e-commerce site can hone their products and marketing effort to a maximum but would still fail to convert if their websites discourage the customers from buying. For an…

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Why not having a responsive website might mean disaster for your organic ranking in 2017

Even though we never know how much responsive design can improve our Google ranking, it is still essential for every web owners to make their site mobile friendly and compatible with all different ranges of devices. Here are some reasons why it could mean disaster for your SEO ranking if your site is not ready for the latest trends.  What is responsive design Simply put, responsive website design is the act of making a website reformats itself depending on the screen size…

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